What Is a Pre-Planned Funeral?

In a way, pre-planning for a funeral and burial is no different than setting aside money for a down payment on a home. You are simply planning ahead and turning your thoughts into actions to ensure your family is prepared. Pre-planning is a smart personal and financial decision.

Key Benefits of Pre-Planning

Making arrangements and planning your funeral in advance alleviates some of the future stress that your loved ones will face when having to coordinate and pay for funeral arrangements.

Peace of mind; your loved ones will know you have planned in advance
Secure value in line with today’s costs
Ensure your requests are followed

Why Pre-Plan a Funeral?

Take the guesswork out of pre-planning. Pre-planning is a simple process and starts by contacting the funeral home, who will explain the many benefits of pre-planning, service and burial options, costs, documentation, and how to share this information with your family. The funeral home serves as a guide to help you feel confident in your decision making.

Pre-Plan with Allen J. Harden Funeral Home

Allen J. Harden Funeral Home, a partner of Orlando Jewish Funerals, has served Orlando area families since 1918. Their commitment to excellence is continually demonstrated through personalized services and attention to detail. Jewish services include tahara, shmira, shrouds, all wood caskets, and items for mourning and shiva.

Allen J. Harden Funeral Home is dedicated to helping you pre-plan a Jewish funeral today.

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Pre-Planning a Funeral

To learn more or speak with a pre-need advisor, contact Allen J. Harden Funeral Home at 407.707.4664

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Jewish Funeral Rituals

Traditional practices such as tahara and shiva provide meaning to mourners and supporters.

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